Thursday, September 1, 2011

12 super cute envelopes - one for each month of the year!

Today I don't have any cards for you, but some really fun cute and Quick envelopes! My friend Nick is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and awareness for the relaunch of the Kreate-a-lope envelope maker and sent me some super cool templets to try. They are so fast and easy to use - I didn't make a video tutorial of it because Nick has already made one - you just have to check it out;

Last weekend I bought a secondhand childrens' book about the months of the year, for 15 cents, just because I liked the pictures. When I got the templates from Nick I tried them on the pictures in the book (that's one great thing with them - you see exactly what you'll get on the front of your envelope;

 And while I was doing this I got the idea to make envelopes for Ted's monthly allowance. He doesn't have that yet, but maybe I should start after new year's, teaching him about saving etc. Anyway, for whenever I start, I have the cutest envelopes matching the month of the year!

This would be a perfect way to make use of the beautiful pictures from last year's calendars. I always save mine - you bought them because you loved the pictures - but then, when the year is over, you don't really know what to do with them.
For these I used a size called Money Envelope  - it's actually a great size for letters too -  and what's even more awesome; there will soon be 18 other sizes to choose from too!
Another great thing; Nick has Free shipping within the US!

Hope you enjoyed this and that you pop over to Nick's blog, if you haven't already.

ps. I'll be back soon with another great envelope project that I Think you will like - so stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Such a fab idea! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Elton said...

Oh goodness what a sweet idea for you little one's allowance! And wow what a great find for 15 cents!!

lenny said...

Fuuuun! I remember those characters...had those books too!!! (a loooooooong time ago) LOL

Gerdine said...

Great idea! I love these pictures! It remeinds me of my childhood. I thinkg we watched the series on TV.

Marybeth said...

Oh my gosh I love this idea! Those are the most adorable to see the video.