Saturday, September 27, 2014



We are soon off to a last visit for the season to Liseberg (out themepark) and then on to a crayfish party, but wanted to share what's on my desk at the moment; 

 I haven't had the time to paint since school started, but this morning I woke up early and decided to take out my paints!


Hope you too get some crafty time this week-end 
Hugs, Karin


icardeveryone01 said...

Karin, if this were the result of my waking early, I'd be up so early I'd never sleep! Your talent absolutely takes my breath away. Thanks for sharing it with us...
=] Michele

Dotty Jo x said...

What do you do with your paintings??? I hope they get framed and treasured because they are fabulous, Jo x

Barb Ghig said...

Absolutely beautiful painting, Karin! I love the color pretty!

Indy said...

Beautiful painting! Enjoy those crayfish! I haven't had any for a really long time!