Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Watercolor: Mice in Snow

I use Winsor Newtons Artists' watercolors and Daniel Smith's extra fine watercolors. The paper I use is 140lb 300 grams Arches rough or fine.
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Have a great day, hugs, Karin

ps. yes, I do paint pet portraits on comission - e-mail me for more info.


Gabi MeWi said...

So adorable cute.

Jeanne said...

Those are some sweet looking mice. You captured them beautifully. I'd much rather they be in the snow than in my house, if I'm being totally honest! You are so talented, Karin!

Lisa Elton said...

How CUTE are they!!

Susie Hardin said...

They look like they are conspiring to escape the cold & enter our house! Karin, you are incredible as you even capture rodents full of expression:)

Marjorie DUMONTIER said...

Wow !! That's a wonderful piece of art !!

Miriam Prantner said...

Mice in the house, not OK, mice in the house totally OK, mice that Karin paints faantastic!