Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Wednesday Watercolor: Giraff and Tiger

  Hi Everyone!

Today's Watercolor Wednesday: 

I use Daniel Smith and Winsor Newton's Artist watercolors (lightfast) and Arches and Fabriano Artistico  140 lb (300gr)  cold pressed paper. '

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Jeanne said...

Amazing! I think that giraffe is stellar. (My daughter loves giraffes, so I enjoy them, too). That tiger is focused on something (hopefully not the giraffe)! Happy holidays, Karin. :)

Cindy H. said...

Simply awesome! You are so talented!

I Card Everyone said...

Karin, I had to come back today. First, to share your paintings with Tom. Then to tell you that a visitor to our home today gave your paintings of Calvin & Hobbes very high praise - of course they were the best gift I ever gave to my husband for Christmas!
Hope you are well, and that you and your family are enjoying the holiday season! xx

Ellie Knol said...

Gorgeous watercolors! The giraffe is my favourite! He looks a naughty one :)