Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lill-killen is laughing!

What a week-end! First I got lost in the deep forests of Landvetter, while orienteering and was 10 min. from a 500kr fee for not returning our car in time. (just joined a carpool!)

Sunday was spent in Slottsskogen. First we took part in a "pram-race" which was not really a race but more of a quiz-walk/tipspromenad. Think we got all the answers right but didn't win anything - hmm.)-:

After that we had a music quiz for some of our friends. It was fun to see everyone but we'd made the quiz too difficult this year which felt bad afterwards...

Söderling beat Nadal -unbelievable! Feels good to have booked 2 days in Båstad for the tennistournament there in June! This is a pic of Söderling from 2007 when we were there.