My Video tutorials:

Color with distress ink;

Negative die cutting:

Coloring stamped images with watercolor pencils;

Coloring stamped images with markers;

How to create a starry night sky with distress ink


Con said...

thank you for the videos! -con

Debcop said...

Can you please do a video on how you color your balloons?? Please? Thank YOU!

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

I saw you were looking for a good, free video editing program. I have been using Shotcut to edit videos of my son's rock band. Voice overs is something it is supposed to be able to do, though I have not had need to do it. You have a separate track for audio, and it would seem pretty straight forward to record. Editing is a breeze with this software, and it was totally free. Hope this helps, or that you find something else. Please post what you end up using!