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The Art of Creating Perfect Open Office Spaces Ad

Dear blogreaders, I was offered to try some artificial flowers for my blogphoto shoots, but when they couldn't be delivered internationally I promised Craig at  The Art of Creating Perfect Open Office Spaces ; Artificial PalmTreesbthat I'd post this and then get a giftcard to try some flowers that could be bought here - So this is an ad from APT:

The confined cubicles, with cramped up employees, the ideal 9-5 office job view, is not very intriguing. Your office should be a space your employees look forward to coming to, but that does not mean it should look any less professional. Office space should be such which look welcoming, comfortable but professional enough to maintain the usual decorum. Confined spaces offer an extremely snubbing look to your employees and customers. Here’s what you can do to refurbish your commercial space to look more hospitable.
Find what works best for you- Cool and colorful or Professional and neutrals
While going in for a revamped style at your office, don’t go headfirst with the idea of unique, creative and playful. You need to know whether your customers and employees can be treated with the same professional approach with bean bags lying around a custom-made modern coffee table or not. What works for another commercial space like an artistic studio or advertising agency might not be the right choice for your law firm or pharmaceutical. To find out what works best for your office, take a look at what your company’s main clientele base is or your motto for that matter. 

 Lights & Action- Getting more productive in your office
Fluorescents are from the bygone era; let them be the history at your office. Natural light is the best way to make an office space look more open. Big clear glass windows with the natural light flooding in are probably the best lighting set-up you could get for your office. If concrete walls block this gift of nature from pouring in your office opt for full-spectrum bulbs. They can acutely imitate the natural light while providing a soft and calm look to space. 
Getting the nature to work for you
Don’t take that literally, but the color green is known to promote the feeling of balance and growth. Think of the view outside your office, unless it is located beside a waterbody or nature at its utmost beauty of some other form, it is in your best interest to bring in some of that green view. Most offices install real ferns or spider plants to keep in touch with nature in the workspace. However, if that seems too much for you especially with all the trimming, fertilizing and all other upkeep processes you need to keep those alive; there’s a whole world of faux plants waiting for you to invite them in. Let’s take a look.
Revamping interior décor- Artificial ferns
Artificial or faux plants have increasingly gained popularity from being featured on the red carpet events to office décor. Ferns among all artificial plants are the best-chosen option for interior décor in a commercial space; these plants with their characteristic feature including tolerance in low light makes them an appropriate choice for interior décor that looks authentic and all natural.
 For a wide open, relaxing lounge- Faux palm trees
Office space is not just confined to the four concrete walls. If your office space has a terrace or some other relaxing area for your clients and employees to rest in or take a break from the daily schedule you can have the artificial palm trees installed for creating a more welcoming space. These trees come with customized size and leaves and tons of variations to choose from. If you have a huge relaxation area like a
backyard, you can have these with park benches build around them to have your staff enjoy their coffee break under the shade without you having to spend a penny behind the maintenance of the natural look. 

Setting the barrier- Boxwood hedges
Among many other choices, boxwood hedges work well as a partition for commercial spaces. When they are faux, they work even better. They will not grow, so you can tick off trimming from the checklist, don’t need watering, fertilizing or any other upkeep while providing a very natural yet chic look to your commercial space.
All of these faux plants can be customized with UV resistance to avoid climatic wear and tear alongside fire retardant feature.  
Cubicle or no cubicle?
While cubicle works well for introvert employees, extrovert people tend to hate them a lot, so how do you make your office space work well for both? You can go for smaller team spaces, where people are provided with their desk and chairs but not overcrowded. While it might take time for the introverts to catch-up with a few people and ask for help, this makes sure extroverts are not distracted from their work. This ensures you have an entire team of people collaborating with each other and sharing their thoughts while making sure it is not cramped up with mindless gossip. 
Furnishing your office- creating an adaptable office space. 
When it comes to creating open spaces in an office, you can have adjustable and movable furniture for your employees to adapt to the space, comfort and the constantly changing demands of work. If you decide to create small pods for private conversation instead of separate cabins according to the designation, this will open up more space allowing the ones in charge to engage with their subordinates in work-related private conversations in the pods while sharing their own work space with them.
Is the boss in or out?
Okay, so the boss needs a separate cabin right? It depends hugely on what kind of an environment you have in your office. While some employees might feel a little intimated to have their boss sharing the same workspace with them some may feel differently about it. However, since it is about making office space more open, it would be a good idea for the boss to have his private pod while sharing a common open workspace. Now, you can choose to have glass walls installed for the pod which will undoubtedly create the idea of an open workspace. 
From installing new lights, furniture, décor to the exterior landscaping, everything your office needs to have an open workspace needs planning and execution. Your new workspace would not only create more productive employees but a welcoming view to admire for your clients or customers.

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