Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Paper Smooches June 4 - Feathers

Hi Everyone!

I'm here with a new project for Paper Smooche's Actually it is only hlf new - I've had these Feathers inked and ready for more than half a year - I just haven't known what to do with them. I Think they are so Beautiful it's been hard to come up with a design to do them justice so I've put them back in my "save for later" box. I finally ended up with this very CAS design and hope you like it!

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I also share my cards and watercolors here:  My Instagram and  in my  Paper Smooches PINTEREST FOLDER

I also want to take the chance to celebrate SCT promote their Amazing Summer issue in which I have sweet Avery Elle Wedding card (-:
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Have a great day, hugs, Karin 


Lisa said...

I love this Karin. And I got my issue of the magazine today, saw your card and was all THAT MUST BE FROM KARIN! So excited for you, and I hope Mr & Mrs Bunny live hoppily ever after. :)

Jeanne said...

The ink blending on the feather is just beautiful, Karin. And your bunny wreath card in the magazine is adorable. Such wonderful colors. Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

Lisa Elton said...

They were worth the wait Karin, this is pretty!!

Lori said...

Love these, they're so pretty!

Twenty Fingers said...

Love them! And pretty much any art made from paper, cards, papercuts etc x