Monday, March 8, 2021

Sunday Watercolors - Back to comfort zone - the Gothenburg Archipelago


Sunday Watercolors - 

After having painted lots of different things for the Doodlewash prompts challenge I am back at my "comfort zone"  - the Gothenburg Archipelago (-: 

I also share my watercolors here:  HERE


Lisa Elton said...


creatingincolors said...

So beautiful!

I Card Everyone said...

I see your friend was happy about it, too!! Love! I imagine he's saying 'otter come in, the water's fine!'

Jeanne said...

So happy to see your watercolors again! They are so beautiful. Giggled at what Michele said about the otter. So cute! Thanks for sharing your talent, Karin!

cottagerca said...

You have a creative eye that design's beautifully.